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Come into my world

Kylie Minogue

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A woman so famous we only have to say her first name.

Julia Gillard

Kylie in the News

An Icon and a Superstar

This NFSA compilation of news coverage highlights about Kylie Minogue demonstrates her worldwide fame. Her impact, reach and status as a global icon and superstar are undeniable.

Highest selling Australian-born Artist of All Time

ARIA Hall of Fame, 2011

This ARIA highlights package and introduction by Molly Meldrum beautifully illustrates Kylie’s ability to reinvent herself and her music and underscores her global success.

A Success Story, 2002

Kylie's Rise to Superstardom

This profile piece identifies Kylie as one of the world's most marketable people. Awards, concert and music video excerpts highlight Kylie's longevity, success and powers of reinvention.

Iconic Performer

Kylie's concert tours and performances are legendary, from the Sydney 2000 Olympics to Mardi Gras and Glastonbury.

She offers her fans an incomparable mix of glamour, pop memories, inspiration and love.

Catch a glimpse in this chapter of some of the live performances that cemented Kylie's reputation.

Dance perfection, 2003

'Can't Get You Out of My Head'

Kylie performs her biggest single so far at London’s Apollo Theatre. The choreography, coverage and sound are flawless, conveying a front-row experience for viewers.

Kylie and Jason Reunited

'Especially for You'

Kylie and Jason Donovan reunite on stage. Their classic duet is instantly recognisable despite the brevity of the excerpt in this news story from 2018.

Live in London, 2003

'Spinning Around'

This slick presentation covers all the action both on stage and off. Shots of 4,000 of Kylie’s adoring fans singing back to her confirms her superstar status.

Royal Bicentennial Concert, 1988


Kylie's magnetic stage presence is evident in this early performance. As the top-selling Australian single of the 1980s, 'Locomotion' is the perfect choice to represent Australia to the world.

Live in Dublin, 1991

Designing Kylie's Tour Costumes

Seeing John Galliano's design sketches come to life through concert footage gives great insight into how Kylie's costumes have evolved to become a key part of her live act.

Concert for the Interfet Troops at Dili Stadium, 1999

'Rockin' Robin'

Even with relatively basic staging the audience of Interfet troops loves her light-hearted cover of the classic Leon René song from 1958.

There's an immense goodwill towards me... and I try to be

honest and I try to be myself.

Kylie Minogue

Stars in Her Eyes

Back to the Start with Molly

Clips from the ‘Locomotion’ music video set the scene for Kylie’s candid and charming reminiscences about her ambition and early setbacks.

Commercial Success Without Airplay


It's striking to see Kylie display such frankness and music industry nous so early in her career. This contrasts with the sweet, girl-next-door persona depicted in the ‘Locomotion’ video.

'BTDYK' the Gay Anthem

Kylie as a Gay Icon

Clips of gay anthem 'Better The Devil You Know' and Millie Minogue give context to the gay community's devotion to Kylie and her embracing of camp.

Kylie on Parkinson

Dealing with the Critics

The classic TV talk show elements that made Parkinson a success are all here, including the candid, personal reflections he elicits from Kylie about dealing with critics and the secrets to her longevity.

Hot Pants, Kylie Fans and a New Album

Thrift Shopping with Rove

This fun, sometimes cheeky, interview reveals an artist who calls the shots in her career. The interview covers her racy music videos and her relationship with her fans.

Kylie on Martin/Molloy

Poetry Slam with Nick Cave, 1996

Kylie reached a new level of cool cred after her tongue-in-cheek spoken word version of ‘I Should Be So Lucky’. She comes across as self-aware here, at ease with Aussie humour and irreverence.

Dynamic Duets

Kylie loves collaboration. She has worked with almost 40 different artists across many genres, including appearing in a Bollywood movie!

She's recorded duets in Spanish, Italian, French and Mandarin.

This chapter features examples of her singing partners, starting with sister Dannii (pictured) in 1986...

'Sisters are Doin' It For Themselves' - Young Talent Time, 1986

Kylie and Dannii Minogue

It’s a blast to see Kylie and Dannii perform a cover of this hit on YTT. The sisters harmonise beautifully. It’s evident how professional and polished the pair already were back then.

'Where The Wild Roses Grow'

Kylie and Nick Cave

This clip skilfully weaves Kylie and Nick Cave’s incongruous 1995 ‘Top of the Pops’ appearance with interviews and excerpts of the haunting music video.

'Doin' It For The Kids'

Kylie and Robbie Williams

The ‘Kids’ music video shows real chemistry between the singers, who seem to be channelling John Travolta and Kylie’s hero, Olivia Newton-John, in ‘Grease’.

'Monkey Man'

Kylie and The Wiggles

Kylie joins the world famous kids' band as the Pink Wiggle. Production values are professional but minimal, making the engaging performers the centre of attention.

'Especially For You'

Kylie and Jason Donovan

Clips from the polished music video contrast with the down-to-earth pair in this chaotic excerpt from Jono and Dano's 'Saturday Morning Live' Christmas special in 1988.

'Shout' - Dili Concert for the Interfet Troops East Timor, 1999

Kylie and Farnesy

Kylie teams up with John Farnham to perform a lively version of JO'K’s ‘Shout’. The two Aussie icons clearly have fun playing to the audience and their stage presence shines through.

'Bury Me Deep in Love'

Kylie and Jimmy Little

This duet is a cover of The Triffids' 1987 classic, from a compilation of pairings of Indigenous and non-Indigenous artists. Distinct from the original, it has an ethereal, pared-back feel.

Charlene and Scott, 1987

Aussie TV's Most Famous Wedding

Two million Aussies and 20 million Brits watched the 'Neighbours' wedding. Angry Anderson's ballad 'Suddenly' and the costumes contribute to this key 1980s cultural moment.

Epponnee-Raelene Charlene Kathleen Darleen Craig

Kylie Guest Stars on 'Kath and Kim'

‘Kath and Kim’ – the satirical, yet loving, portrait of Australian suburban life – is a great vehicle to show off Kylie’s comedic talents and ability to not take herself too seriously.

The Green Fairy, 2001

Surprise Cameo in 'Moulin Rouge!'

This scene featuring Kylie as the Green Absinthe Fairy, illustrates the indelible mark a celebrity of Kylie’s stature can leave on a film in less than one minute of screen time.

'The Comedy Company', 1989

Kylie Minogue meets Kylie Mole

Here's Kylie very capably trying her hand at comedy, opposite Mary-Anne Fahey’s schoolgirl character Kylie Mole and then in a funny skit with Jason Donovan.

'The Delinquents', 1989

'Anywhere's Better Than Here'

This scene from Kylie’s first feature film is expertly edited and framed to build a genuine intensity as Kylie's Lola escapes her guardian's stifling house to run off in search of her young lover.

'Holy Motors', 2012

Cannes Red Carpet

Kylie’s film 'Holy Motors' premiered at the Cannes Film Festival in 2012. This news clip gives us a brief preview of the film, which helps to convey its strangeness and surrealism.

Early TV Roles

Before finding fame locally and overseas in her role as Charlene on Neighbours, Kylie already had an impressive acting resume for a performer her age.

From her first role as Carla in eight episodes of The Sullivans in 1976, to being one of the leading characters in The Henderson Kids, her talent was unmistakeable.   

'The Sullivans', 1976

Kylie's First Acting Role

Kylie’s first TV acting role when she was 8-years-old required a Dutch accent and she does an admirable job for a child actor in 1970s Australia.

'Skyways', 1979

Kylie and Jason as siblings

Before their famed roles in 'Neighbours', Kylie and Jason appeared on screen together years earlier as sister and brother in the Crawfords' series 'Skyways'.

'Zoo Family', 1985

Kylie Plays Yvonne the Terrible Teen

Kylie features in an episode of the kids' TV drama 'Zoo Family' as Yvonne, a troubled foster child who causes chaos wherever she goes.

'The Henderson Kids', 1985

Teenage Kylie Gets a Leading Role

This clip shows Kylie in her first leading role as Charlotte 'Char' Kernow, a teen from the wrong side of the tracks. The series also helped launch the careers of Ben Mendelsohn and Nadine Garner.

Kylie Trivia

Kylie has sold over 80 million records worldwide.
Only Queen Elizabeth II has had more wax figures at Madame Tussauds.
She has recorded songs in Japanese, German, Mandarin, Spanish, Italian and French.


Our sincere gratitude to Kylie Minogue and her team for making this collection story possible.

Thanks also to Alli Main, Warren Costello, Nick Dunshea, Caz Laffan and Heath Thomas.


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