The two Kylies: Kylie and Kylie Mole

The two Kylies: Kylie and Kylie Mole
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Kylie’s ability to not take herself too seriously is exemplified beautifully in these two clips from The Comedy Company in 1989. 

In the same year as her dramatic role in the feature film The Delinquents (1989), here she tries her hand at comedy.  She works well with Mary-Anne Fahey’s gum-chewing, wise-cracking schoolgirl Kylie Mole – a beloved character from the show.  

Another clip features Kylie and Jason Donovan in bed together having a lover’s argument. It’s not clear whether they are playing themselves, their popular characters Scott and Charlene from Neighbours, or another couple entirely. 

This deliberate confusion says a lot about the ubiquity of the couple in the late 1980s and how the characters they played blended with their real-life personas and romantic relationship. 

Jason and Kylie released a wildly successful duet ‘Especially For You’ in 1988 which reached number one in the UK, Ireland, Greece and Belgium and was top 5 in Australia, New Zealand, France, Finland and Switzerland. 

It is indicative of Australian television comedy budgets that both comedy skits are performed in a single shot consisting of a tightly-framed bedroom setting with minimal production design. This is an example of the kind of frugal ingenuity key for the success of skit-based shows with low budgets. 

Kylie Minogue continually surprises her fans by popping up in unexpected places. Her guest appearances include characters in Kath and Kim and Doctor Who and even an appearance with The Wiggles. 

This clip comes from the current affairs piece We Should Be So Lucky, broadcast on Network Ten in 1989. 

Notes by Beth Taylor