Theatrical Screening Loans

Theatrical Screening Loans

Theatrical screenings

The NFSA offers loans to cinemas, festivals, institutions and eligible organisations that wish to screen titles from the NFSA collection.

Screenings are subject to approval from the rightsholder and NFSA conditions of use. Titles are primarily Australian and are available on 35mm and 16mm film, with limited titles on DCP. Still images for many titles are also available. 

A minimum of eight weeks’ lead time is required to facilitate loans. The process could take longer, depending on the scale and complexity of your borrowing request. 

Borrowers are responsible for contacting rightsholders and obtaining approval to screen titles from the NFSA collection. We must receive written approval before we can release materials for loan.  

Rightsholders will generally charge borrowers a license fee, which is at their discretion and separate to fees charged by the NFSA.



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NFSA Theatrical Screening loans


Service fee

$80 per loan 

Feature films (>60 minutes) 
35mm, 16mm, DCP, digital  

$250 per title 

Short films (<60 minutes) 
35mm, 16mm, DCP, digital 

$150 per title 

Cancellation charge 
* Cancellation within 1 month of screening date 

50% of loan fee 

Other digital file formats 


Additional screenings 
* Applies only to NFSA-controlled titles

50% of loan fee 



Organisations wishing to borrow NFSA items for screening must submit a completed Screening Loans Registration Form.

Download: NFSA Screening Loans – Registration Form



All loans from the NFSA are subject to the current loan procedures and conditions.

Download: NFSA Screening Loans – Theatrical Conditions 


Loan damage and insurance

Borrowers are responsible for NFSA collection items whilst on loan and during transit. The NFSA recommends that all borrowers read the Loan Damage and Insurance information sheet prior to loaning items.

Download: NFSA Screening Loans – Loan Damage and Insurance 


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Please use the Access enquiry form to enquire about theatrical screening loans.