Child stars Kylie and Jason in Skyways

Child stars Kylie and Jason in Skyways
Nine Network, Crawford Productions and Fremantle
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Before their famed roles in Neighbours, Kylie and Jason appeared on screen together years earlier as sister and brother in the Crawford Productions television series, Skyways (1979–81). 

In this clip, an excerpt from the Nine Network special 35 Years of Television (1991), we see Kylie and Jason first as bickering young siblings, Robin and Adam, who have been left at an airport by their pilot father in episode 15 of Skyways (1979). 

Then we see them as Charlene and Scott in the roles that shot them to soapie stardom years later in the long-running series Neighbours.  

Skyways featured Tony Bonner and Ken James (both of Skippy fame), and a host of other well-known Australian actors, and it centred around the fictional Pacific International Airport. 

Notes by Mel Bondfield