Kylie Minogue and Princess Diana

Kylie Minogue, Diana Princess of Wales and Olivia Newton-John stand next to one another in this black and white photograph. Kylie is awestruck looking up at Diana who is much taller.
Kylie Minogue and Princess Diana
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It makes for a powerful and historic image, seeing these three significant women – Diana, Princess of Wales (1961–1997), Olivia Newton-John and Kylie Minogue – photographed together at the Royal Bicentennial Concert in 1988.

Each of the women shaped fashion, music and culture in the 1980s in Australia and around the world. All of them were renowned for their beauty, and also had a girl-next-door, fairytale-come-true element in how their stories were marketed.

The angle and composition the photographer has chosen accentuates the striking height difference between Diana and Kylie. It’s a candid image – with Kylie looking at Diana with excitement and admiration. It is a shame that we can't see more of Diana's face but Kylie's awestruck expression speaks volumes.

Little did Kylie know at this point early in her singing career that she would one day be called the most popular woman in Britain, win numerous awards and accolades and become the highest selling Australian-born music artist of all time.

Notes by Beth Taylor