Kylie at the BRIT Awards

Kylie at the BRIT Awards
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Hot on the heels of her huge success with the album Fever (2001), Kylie took home two Brit Awards at the 2002 ceremony – Best International Female Singer and Best Album. 

In this Nine News story, Kylie is interviewed on the red carpet before the awards, appearing slightly nervous about her four nominations but optimistic, given her recent achievements.  

Kylie’s live acts are famous for their perfectly choreographed dance sequences and iconic costumes, and footage from the ceremony featured in this news story shows Kylie giving a characteristically polished performance of ‘Can’t Get You Out of My Head’.

The song was the lead single from Fever and has become her all-time biggest worldwide hit, having reached number one on the charts in a staggering 40 countries.  

At the time of this news story the song had also reached No. 15 on the US Billboard charts, a market in which Kylie had not much success since the late 1980s (the song ultimately peaked at No. 7).  

The music video from the song also features in this report as a reminder of the iconic costumes and choreography that contributed to the song’s phenomenal success.  

It can be challenging to reconcile the shy and nervous Kylie being interviewed with the iconic and raunchy performer that we see in the two short music segments here. The first segment, of Kylie performing her hit at the awards, is notable for its slick professionalism with the production crew effectively capturing her remarkable charisma.

The second segment, from the 'Can't Get You Out of My Head' music video, demonstrates how Kylie’s magnetism easily transfers to a different format. 

Notes by Mel Bondfield