‘The Reflex’ by Kylie Minogue and Ben Lee

‘The Reflex’ by Kylie Minogue and Ben Lee
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This cover of ‘The Reflex’ by Kylie Minogue and Ben Lee comes from the Duran Duran tribute album UnDone

The compilation album was produced in 1999 by Peter McTighe and Rae Harvey and features Australian artists covering songs by the English band whose sound is synonymous with the 1980s. 

The original song was written by Simon Le Bon, John Taylor, Roger Taylor, Andy Taylor and Nick Rhodes and released in 1984 on the album Seven and the Ragged Tiger

This song is a good example of the many duets Kylie has recorded throughout her career, having worked with Nick Cave, Robbie Williams, Jimmy Little, The Wiggles and of course Jason Donovan – her original duet partner for 1988’s ‘Especially For You’.  

Where the original contains sharp-edged electric guitar parts and showy, modulated vocals, Ben and Kylie’s vocals have a sunny, singalong pop feel. 

The softer vocal approach is echoed by the layers of gently whirring guitars. It’s obvious that this is an attempt to give the song a less 1980s vibe and it works to a large extent. 

The pair’s Australian accents effectively reflect the homegrown aspect of the project. 

The album was released by EMI through Crucial Music Pty. 

Notes by Beth Taylor