Coke 'Special delivery' featuring Kylie Minogue

Coke 'Special delivery' featuring Kylie Minogue
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This short ad from 1991 featuring Kylie Minogue is a memorable example of Coca-Cola’s use of celebrity endorsements to sell their product to a young fan base. 

The ad cleverly evokes the fantasy of meeting a pop star, as a pizza delivery boy meets Kylie and the two drink cans of Coke together. 

The soundtrack features ‘Better the Devil You Know’ from her 1990 Rhythm of Love album. The song and its video clip showed a sexier side of Kylie and the ad recognises this shift in her image, using close-up shots of her in a little black dress. 

This full-length version of the ad would have screened in cinemas and it’s clear that the agency has used the language of a short film to build tension with the use of music, montage and CC-TV footage as the pizza delivery boy travels through the building, trying to get closer to Kylie and avoid hotel security.  

Kylie is an astute businesswoman, and this ad is an excellent example of her using her personal brand to sell products aside from her music and film and TV roles. Kylie has been a part of many successful product endorsements including her own wine, fragrances, fashion, water, books and homewares. 

Notes by Beth Taylor