Kylie as Epponnee-Rae in Kath and Kim

Kylie as Epponnee-Rae in Kath and Kim
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This excerpt from the 99 Per Cent Fat Free episode of comedy series Kath and Kim begins with Kath Day (Jane Turner) talking to her baby granddaughter Epponnee-Raelene Charlene Kathleen Darleen Craig (Zara Harrington).

A flash-forward dream sequence follows featuring a cameo from Kylie Minogue as grown-up Epponnee-Rae on her wedding day.

All the show’s favourite characters are there in deliberately dodgy ageing make-up – Sharon Strzelecki (Magda Szubanski), Kel Knight (Glenn Robbins), Brett Craig (Peter Rowsthorn) and Kim (Gina Riley).  

There are so many layers of cultural references in Riley and Turner’s deeply satirical but equally loving observation of Australian suburban life that this short clip is simultaneously delightful, awkward and devilishly funny to watch.

Riley and Kylie deliver their ridiculous lines about ‘leg o’ mutton sleeves’, ‘horn bags’ and ‘foxy morons’ with aplomb.

Kylie is an inspired choice for the role as her very presence (along with Baby Eps’ middle name Charlene) references the popular wedding episode of Neighbours – Australia’s most famous ‘fairytale’ TV wedding. This clip is an excellent example of Kylie’s ability to not take herself too seriously, also shown by her appearances on The Comedy Company.  

Kylie's other guest roles include a small part on Doctor Who in 2007 and she has even made an appearance in a show with The Wiggles.

Kath and Kim, produced by Riley Turner Productions, ran for four series and was broadcast on the ABC and later Seven Network. This episode was the finale to the third season and was originally broadcast on the ABC on 25 November 2004.

Notes by Beth Taylor