Neighbours: Scott and Charlene wedding

Neighbours: Scott and Charlene wedding
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In one of Australian television history’s biggest moments, two million Aussies and almost 20 million viewers in Britain tuned in to Episode 523 of Neighbours for the wedding of Scott Robinson and Charlene Mitchell (played by Jason Donovan and Kylie Minogue).  

Kylie’s role as Charlene, and indeed this specific scene, launched Kylie’s international career. With Kylie’s No. 1 debut single ‘Locomotion’ released less than a month after this episode aired on Australian television on 28 July 1987, the stage was set for her rise to international stardom.

Legend has it that Kylie herself chose the unlikely soundtrack – pub rocker Angry Anderson performing the ballad ‘Suddenly’. The crashing drumbeats and raw vocal track, along with the zooms and rhythmic editing, underscore the emotion of the scene in the most 1980s way possible.

It's clear the show’s producers were aware that this scene would become a part of Australian television history and gave it the attention it deserved. They captured Kylie’s combination of cheeky girl-next-door image, and her magnetic star quality is obvious.

The scene revolves around the pair’s palpable chemistry which is evident here. The episode’s director Rod Hardy put it down to their budding behind-the-scenes romance.

The clip evokes a powerful sense of 80s style that transports us back in time. Along with the soundtrack, Kylie’s lacy OTT wedding dress, the puffy coral-coloured bridesmaid’s dresses and Jason’s mullet haircut all combine to make this a key Australian 80s cultural moment.

Many people in Australia and the UK still remember watching it.

Notes by Beth Taylor