Gifts valued over $AUD100

The Australian Public Service Commission has provided guidance relating to gifts and benefits for agency heads (including departmental secretaries).

Agency heads must not accept gifts or benefits which might reasonably be seen to compromise their integrity. All gifts or benefits accepted (and valued at over $AUD100.00, excluding GST), must be publicly disclosed.

Agency heads must publish a register of gifts and benefits they accept on their departmental or agency website on a quarterly basis.  

Statement by Jan Müller, Chief Executive Officer:

In the course of my duties as agency head of the National Film and Sound Archive of Australia, I received the following gifts and/or benefits whose value exceeds the stipulated threshold of $AUD100.00 (excluding GST) between 1 April 2020 and 30 June 2020: 

Date Received Date Recorded Gift item/ benefit/service Received by (if not agency head) Presented by Occasion Estimated value $A


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Gifts and benefits – fourth quarter of the 2019–20 financial year

Gifts and benefits – third quarter of the 2019–20 financial year

Gifts and benefits – second quarter of the 2019–20 financial year