Reviews and news from the 80s and 90s

The NFSA has announced it is collecting Australian video games for preservation. But video games have long had an impact on the NFSA collection.

The clips in this curated collection capture some of the ways that games have intersected with Australian popular culture since the 1970s.

Watch ads from the '80s and game play from the '90s. Listen to pop songs from the '70s and podcasts from the 2010s with more recent takes on gaming history.

Plus there's a range of TV news reports on hot-button gaming controversies from the last few decades – covering everything from addiction, health scares and crime to debates about classification and violence against women.

This collection complements Game Masters: The Exhibition which runs at the NFSA from 27 September 2019 – 9 March 2020. Game Masters is an interactive exhibition offering a behind-the-scenes look at five decades of the world’s most popular games – and a chance to play them.