Poetry: alive and kicking

WA performance poet Kate Wilson
 Beth Taylor
Kate Wilson performing at the Fairbridge Festival. Image taken by Nathan Barnden.

Kate Wilson, a 25-year-old performance poet from Bunbury in Western Australia, was one of our local performers on Cooee Cabaret’s final tour this year.

Kate was writing what she refers to as ‘on-paper poetry’ for a while, alongside studies in acting and speech and drama. In 2008 she discovered performance poetry through the work of American Mary Fons on YouTube and had a eureka moment. Kate was attracted by the more accessible and less perfectionist nature of performance poetry, and has been writing and performing her poetry ever since.

Although the performance poetry scene in Bunbury is small, it is thriving, and Kate has found that in the past year her poetry has gone from being a hobby to a second job. Kate teaches school workshops in performance poetry, as well as writing commissioned work and performing at poetry slams and festivals around Australia.

Kate performing her poem ‘Away’ on the NFSA’s YouTube Channel.