General Motors Holden: To Suit all Family Needs (1956)

General Motors Holden: To Suit all Family Needs (1956)
General Motors Holden
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This television advertisement for General Motors Holden emphasises the Holden sedan’s suitability to the needs of the family.

A family of six walk out of their house to the car. One of the sons helps his father pack the luggage into the boot as a voice-over narrator describes the spacious interior of the car, which can seat six people.

The family, now in a studio, are seated in a car with no exterior body and appear to travel on air, through clouds. The carriage rocks gently from side to side to simulate movement on the roads.

The narrator emphasises interior features including the wide seats, increased leg room, soft foam padding and seat springs. The narrator reminds the viewer of the car’s style, comfort and value for money before the Holden slogan appears on the screen – 'Australia’s Own Car’.

Summary by Poppy de Souza