Countdown to Sounds of Australia!


09 August 2016

Countdown to Sounds of Australia!


The countdown is on! Australians have two weeks to nominate their favourite songs, radio programs, etc. for this year’s Sounds of Australia – our nation’s ultimate selection of historically, culturally and artistically important sound recordings.


Jet, Silverchair, INXS, Dragon… each generation will have its own icons, so everyone should nominate now to ensure their favourites are immortalised in Sounds of Australia!


What sounds, recorded up to 2006, are so quintessentially Australian that they should be added to this prestigious registry? Anyone can have their say before midnight on 19 August.


The registry, now in its 10th year, includes famous names such as AC/DC, Kylie, Divinyls, Nick Cave and Archie Roach. Also included are 19th century recordings of Indigenous languages, sounds of native fauna, inspiring speeches, unforgettable jingles, and much more! The full list so far is available on the National Film and Sound Archive of Australia (NFSA) website. 


Each year, the Australian public nominates new sounds to be added, with final selections determined by a panel of industry experts.


You can nominate popular songs across all genres. Advertising jingles, famous speeches, radio broadcasts, or any other sound recordings – the only conditions are that they have to be Australian, and more than 10 years old.


Nominations can be made via:


Nominations close on Friday 19 August. The 2016 Sounds of Australia entries will be announced on Tuesday 8 November.


Previous entries can be found on the NFSA website. 



NFSA Sound Curator Thorsten Kaeding is available for comment. To request an interview, contact Miguel Gonzalez on (02) 8202 0114 or



Download: Countdown to Sounds of Australia; nominate your favourites today! - media release