Enjoy a selection of memorable rugby league moments from the NFSA collection, dating from 1922 to 1999.

You can see the earliest footage in our collection of a local match, from 1922; an international game, from 1932; the 1939 grand final between South Sydney and Balmain; and a 1937 match between NSW and Queensland, a forerunner to the hugely popular State of Origin series.

We also take a look at some vital elements of the game - such as training and coaching, as well as injuries, violence and drugs.

Other scenes include a match played during a Canberra snowstorm, a documentary about an Indigenous Australian and multicultural team that started in the 1930s, Americans playing the game in Australia in 1953 and highlights from several 1970s grand finals.

Photo credit (main image): Detail from 'State of Origin II, 24 June 2009'. Published under Creative Commons 3.0. Photographer: Pierre Roudier.