1970 Grand Final: True Grit

1970 Grand Final: True Grit
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WARNING: This clip contains violence
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South Sydney captain, John Sattler demonstrates courage beyond belief during the 1970 Grand Final against Manly Warringah. Several minutes into the game Manly forward John Bucknall punched Sattler in an off-the-ball incident. Sattler recalled the moment many years later:

'I scream blue murder but my internal voice says: "Stay calm, John, stay calm". Curiosity gets the better of me and I lower my bottom lip, allowing just enough space for my index finger to probe the walls of my mouth. On the left side of my jaw I feel a hole that should not be there. A gush of blood spews onto my jumper. I prod to the right — another hole. I work back to the middle of my mouth. I feel for teeth, which are still intact. I move lower, towards the gums. I feel a split, smack bang in the middle of my lower gum-line. I’ve broken my jaw in three places.' (John Sattler, The Daily Telegraph, 3 October 2014)

Sattler refused to leave the field and even came back on after half-time! In retaliation, Bucknall was targeted by the Souths team and eventually left the field with a shoulder injury. Souths went on to win 23-12.