1975 Grand Final: The White Boots Affair

1975 Grand Final: The White Boots Affair
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The 1975 Grand Final became infamous for St George captain, coach and star-player, Graeme 'Changa' Langlands and his white football boots. 

Langlands entered the final carrying a season's worth of of injuries. He was given a painkilling injection before the match, but rather than merely deadening the pain it made his whole leg numb. This was a disaster for St George, whose strategy was to rely on Langlands' long-range kicking skills to keep Easts pinned in their own half. But without their kicker, St George could not contain Easts. To make matters worse, Langlands had signed a contract with Adidas to wear bright, white boots. Since players at the time all wore dark boots, every mistake Langlands made was magnified and he stood out like a beacon on the field in what has since been called 'The White Boots Affair'.

Easts won the premiership for the second successive year with a record score of 38-0. Legend has it that Langlands threw his white boots over the crossbar in England at the end of 1975.