General Motors Holden: The Time is Now

General Motors Holden: The Time is Now
General Motors Holden
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This ad targets a female audience, emphasising the car’s comfort and style as well as power.

A woman lies on a beach, dreamily relaxing under her hat. A Holden HR sedan is parked on the sand nearby. The woman runs to the car, which is filmed from different angles to show off its new exterior and interior design. A male voice-over announces that 'the time is now and the car is Holden’. The woman drives the car along the beach, stopping to pick up a man at a bus stop on the sand. 'Turbo-smooth Holden’ appears on screen after the narrator concludes that 'you only have to drive it once to discover nothing else will do’. Wistful music accompanies the advertisement.

In this clip, the Holden HR features in the private world of the woman’s imagination. From the point at which the car appears on the shores of a deserted beach, the audience enters a dream sequence. As the narration says, your world 'changes around you when you discover new Holden’. The whimsical melody on the soundtrack contributes to the ad’s fun, adventurous, contemporary appeal. While the new Holden benefited from a more powerful engine, this ad – focused on a female audience – instead emphasises the HR’s 'turbo-smooth’ handling, style and comfort.