General Motors Holden: Monaro, 'Make him show you'

General Motors Holden: Monaro, 'Make him show you'
General Motors Holden
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This is part two of a television advertisement for three Holden HK sports coupes: the Monaro, Monaro GTS and Monaro GTS 327. The advertisement includes a jingle and male voice-over.

The ad opens with a stylish 1968 Holden Monaro driving through the country on a dark, wet night. Tight editing shows different angles of the car and creates a pace to match the catchy jingle ('life is suddenly very Monaro’). The authoritative voice-over describes the main attraction of the Monaro – the sporting looks of a continental rally car without the 'fancy foreign price tag’. The sleek, sexy and fast-paced images, combined with the persuasive voice-over and evocative jingle, work together to persuade the viewer to follow the on-screen suggestion and visit their Holden dealer.

The Monaro was released in three variations – the standard, the Monaro GTS and the Monaro GTS 327. Of the three, the Monaro GTS 327 had the most powerful engine and found success on the rally car circuit with drivers such as Norm Beechey (see clip one).