General Motors Holden: Holden Ute

General Motors Holden: Holden Ute
General Motors Holden
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This advertisement begins on a building site with a man loading a sheet of plywood onto the back of the new Holden utility. A voice-over describes purchasing the new ute as a 'six way investment’. Shots of the utility in operation on the site are accompanied by superimposed text of the cost advantages. The advertisement concludes with the narrator encouraging viewers to test drive a utility and the slogan 'Holden – Australia’s Own Utility’.

This advertisement is directly targeted to potential buyers in the building industry. As in other Holden ads of the time, it situates the vehicle within a practical context to show how each feature translates into everyday experience. For instance, greater ease of handling comes from a new front suspension, ball bearing-type steering, a 36 and one-half foot turning circle and 34% greater visibility, all demonstrated by showing a worker navigating a narrow passage in reverse gear. The simple but effective combination of narration, on-screen text and supporting images works together to build a case for choosing Holden over other rivals in the market.