General Motors Holden: Happy in a Holden

General Motors Holden: Happy in a Holden
General Motors Holden
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This clip shows a father standing next to his Holden in the parking lot outside an AFL match. He has brought his sons to watch Collingwood play. The man is interviewed about his Holden station sedan. The interviewer then asks one of the boys whether his favourite car is a Holden. The segment concludes with the family walking towards the entrance as a voice-over says 'Holden for you in ’62’.

This Holden ad uses a vox pop style interview to appear spontaneous and therefore genuine. However the responses here are tightly controlled through the interviewer asking questions that require a 'yes’ or 'no’ answer, framed to always obtain a favourable response from the interviewees: 'perform well?’, 'like the finish?’, 'you take [the kids] away camping in it?’, 'what’s your favourite car, the Holden?’, 'aren’t they wonderful cars?’, 'you always happy in a Holden?’. The questions are delivered in such a way that, where possible, the answers will always be 'yes’.