General Motors Holden: A Great New Feeling

General Motors Holden: A Great New Feeling
General Motors Holden
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This advertisement for the 1969 Holden HT Kingswood sedan features voice-over narration and an accompanying jingle about the 'new generation Holden’. It begins and ends with typical scenes of friends at the beach. The Kingswood drives through bushland to a river then over gravel roads to the beach. At the close of the ad, the narrator urges viewers to 'join the new generation – see your Holden dealer’.

This advertisement is marketed to a slightly different 'new generation’ audience than that in General Motors Holden – Make it Yours (1968), made at a similar time. Instead of the urban hip, it targets the cool beach and outdoors set – characterised in this clip as young, fresh and exciting. The ad’s theme music supports the images of fun and recreation, with lyrics emphasising the 'great new feeling’ of youth and of driving Holden: a 'wonderful, young-making, free-going, great-looking, smooth-riding, scene-stealing feeling’.