Bushells Tea: The World of the Future (c1941)

Bushells Tea: The World of the Future (c1941)
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This is a colour animated cinema advertisement for Bushells tea from 1941. It reassures viewers that no matter what the future holds, you can rely on Bushells tea to remain the same.

The ad starts with a map of the world and a voice-over that invites the viewer to 'the world of the future’. We see international travel using fast planes, ocean liners and cars.

Aeroplane passengers sit in armchairs drinking tea and we see an airport runway on the top floor of a high-rise building.

A hostess tells the viewer that they always serve Bushells tea on their aeroplanes because Bushells tea means contented passengers.

The advertisement leaves us with the message that though the world may change, Bushells tea will always stay the same.

Summary by Elizabeth Taggart-Speers