Kolynos Dental Cream: Next Please (c1944)

Kolynos Dental Cream: Next Please (c1944)
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In this 1940s cinema advertisement, Mrs Howard and her daughter Nancy visit a dentist for a check-up.

As they sit in the waiting room, the narrator asks Mrs Howard if Nancy brushes her teeth correctly. A close-up of Nancy brushing her teeth in a sideways motion is frowned upon by the narrator who instructs Nancy in the correct way to brush and suggests she use Kolynos Dental Cream. We see half an inch of dental cream applied to a toothbrush.

The narrator concludes by saying that by brushing her teeth correctly and selecting the right toothpaste, Nancy’s teeth will be in ‘perfect condition’ on her next visit. This is illustrated by her dentist report card.

Summary by Poppy De Souza