A rack metal rack houses video tape players and monitors

Video Services

Video Services

The Video Services team manages a large volume of video preservation and responds to requests from clients within and external to the NFSA. We have a broad range of equipment that enables us to play back, transfer and digitise most broadcast formats. 

The main focus of the team is to record and transfer video image and to provide services such as:

  • Tape condition assessment and restoration, using specialised conservation treatments
  • Copying and duplication
  • Transferring, compiling and program editing
  • Production and grading.

As there have been a wide variety of video format types over the medium’s history, Video Services has to maintain a broad range of video playback devices. Our operators use several processes to copy the video signal including digital file transfer, signal routing, audio synchronisation and image grading.

Our experts handle a range of contemporary and obsolete video formats, including 2-inch, U-matic, 1-inch C format, analogue and Digital BetacamDVCAM and DVCPRO25, as well as domestic formats like VHS, S-VHS, Hi-8, Betamax and J-format.


The Video Services team provides full production services to the NFSA, including:

  • Video recording
  • Sound recording
  • Video pre- and post-production
  • Animation and transitions
  • DCPs (digital cinema packages) for screenings.