A tinted image of an early 20th century stage before a Corricks family musical performance. It features a piano, an array of chairs and armchairs for the performers, and decorative flowers both on the stage and suspended above it.

The Marvellous Corricks

The Marvellous Corricks

Entertaining Australia Since 1902

The Marvellous Corricks was a free exhibition showing in the Front Room at the NFSA from 1 July 2022 to 15 October 2023.



They delighted audiences with music, comedy and film early last century.


Have you heard of the Marvellous Corricks? 

They were a family of entertainers that delighted Australian audiences with music, comedy and film in the early 20th century.

Albert Corrick taught his children to dance, sing and play piano, violin, cello, viola, flute, piccolo, clarinet, saxophone, cornet, french horn and the organ! 

Vaudeville-style entertainers, the Corrick family toured extensively through New Zealand and Australia in the early 1900s.

At the start of the tour they carried a suitcase each. By the end they were transporting 7 tonnes of equipment! 

The Marvellous Corrick family took their performances to the world’s stage in 1907; the tour included South Asia and Europe.

While the family wrapped up their show in 1916, their love of entertainment lives on in the NFSA and The Queen Victoria Museum and Art Gallery collections.

Two women dressed up for a photo shoot, c1910.

Two of the Corrick sisters pose for publicity stills. This is 1 of 12 images from Corrick Family: Queen Victoria Museum and Art Gallery Negative Collection. NFSA title: 1241289.


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Moving image credit:

La Fée Aux Fleurs. Pathé Frères, 1905. NFSA title: 1612651.

Main image:

Interior of Albert Hall, Launceston, Tasmania, 1932. NFSA title: 1162537.