Kylie Minogue is standing on a stage with a foot up on an amplifier in a power pose. There are dancers in front of her and two musicians on stage with her playing guitar.

Kylie's story

New Kylie Minogue Collection Story

Kylie songs, movies, TV shows and more
 Beth Taylor
& Stephen Groenewegen

Our new ❤ Kylie: A Celebration online Collection Story is sure to have you Spinning Around!



Kylie Minogue is kneeling on a stage in a room with red lighting.
Kylie Minogue. Image © Darenote Ltd

Calling All the Lovers

Got to Be Certain, Kylie Minogue is the highest selling Australian-born solo artist of all time with over 80 million records sold internationally.

So you won't be Shocked to hear the NFSA has taken a Step Back in Time to produce a Celebration of Kylie Minogue’s incredible career Through the Years - from her start in television at the age of 8 in The Sullivans to today.

Whatever your Finer Feelings about Kylie, it’s Never Too Late to Turn It into Love.

When it comes to the Collection Story, we hope it will be Love at First Sight for you, or at least Some Kind of Bliss.

It includes concert performances, rare tracks, interviews, clips of her film and TV acting work, news stories, trivia, posters, photographs and costumes.

It's Especially for You, in fact. It’s Magic. Enjoy yourself

This compilation reel of news coverage from the NFSA collection on Kylie Minogue highlights her worldwide fame.

With 60+ items to watch and listen to, you'll have a Love Affair with the accompanying Kylie Curated Collection. After all, it's impossible to have Too Much of a Good Thing.

So now that the Word is Out, It's No Secret... Say Something, especially to All the Lovers out there.

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Enough with the Kylie song titles! Sorry, Did It Again. We got Carried Away, but this was a Golden opportunity. Wow, Feels So Good.

Main image: © Darenote Ltd. Photographer: Andrew Whitton.

Explore the ❤ Kylie: A Celebration online Collection Story and accompanying Kylie Curated Collection.