Artist Richard Bell seated in his studio in front of one of his works: a coloured Indigenous map of Australia with the words PAYE THE RENT across it

Deep Dive: You Can Go Now

Deep Dive: You Can Go Now – In conversation with Richard Bell

In conversation with Richard Bell
 Katie Maling

In January 2023, the NFSA’s Senior Manager Indigenous Connections, Gillian Moody, welcomed Aboriginal artist and activist Richard Bell to the NFSA for a screening of the documentary You Can Go Now (2022), directed by Larissa Behrendt.


Art and Activism

Richard Bell seated on a stool looking down at his dog Tilly, a Staffordshire cross.
Richard Bell and his dog Tilly

You Can Go Now is a heartwarming and provocative film which showcases 50 years of First Nations activism through a look at the life, work and writings of Richard, a member of the Kamilaroi, Kooma, Jiman and Gurang Gurang communities.

The documentary stands proudly at the intersection of social justice and art as it peels back layers of history and inspires moments of learning.

Through Richard’s openness and honesty, it challenges audiences and encourages them to reflect on their own experiences.

Following the screening, audiences joined a conversation with Richard, director Larissa Behrendt and Gillian Moody.

They discussed the value of learning from First Nations communities and the importance of having difficult conversations, as well as sharing humorous behind-the-scenes stories involving a dog that refuses to put up with racism.

Watch the full conversation with Richard, Larissa and Gillian below:


Aboriginal artist and activist Richard Bell and You Can Go Now (2022) director Larissa Behrendt, in conversation with the NFSA's Indigenous Connections Manager, Gillian Moody at the NFSA on 25 January 2023. Please note: this program contains coarse language.