What’s new and good in rock?

What’s new and good in rock?
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In this brief but brilliant round-up Lillian Roxon speaks with a sense of urgency – talking at a mile a minute in order to review albums and mention acts she hasn’t had time to focus on in her radio series.

This episode is interesting for showcasing her great ear and enthusiasm for both new and established talent. Enduring names mentioned here include Leonard Cohen and Ravi Shankar.

Listeners who have come to trust Roxon’s recommendations are treated to an insight into her personal taste when she confides that fellow Australians The Easybeats are her ‘all-time private favourite group’.

It’s personal asides like this that leave audience members feeling like they are friends of Roxon’s, or members of her exclusive club.

Lillian Roxon delivered witty, insightful copy in her print journalism, so she was well suited to the world of radio where you need a new piece every day on a different topic.

In reference to her book Lillian Roxon’s Rock Encyclopedia, Craig McGregor wrote in the The New York Times , 'Like Oscar Wilde, what she writes is but a pale imitation of what she says: her life is her art, man. She has a rare wit, Muhammad Ali reflexes, and an insatiable craving for experience at whatever cost.'

This is an episode of the radio show Discotique – a two-minute ‘daily newscast from the world of music’ produced in 1971 and syndicated on 250 radio stations in the United States.

The Easybeats' 'Friday On My Mind' was added to the NFSA's Sounds of Australia in 2007.

The cover image for this title is from 'The Easybeats (VARA TV, The Netherlands), 13 August 1968'. Published under Creative Commons 1.0. Author: Eric Koch.

Notes by Beth Taylor