Vegemite: Sister Knows Best (1948)

Vegemite: Sister Knows Best (1948)
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A black-and-white cinema advertisement for Kraft Vegemite outlines the benefits it has if added to one’s diet, especially for children and infants.

As young mothers take their children to baby health centres, clinics and day nurseries around the country, a male voice-over outlines the good work that these places are doing for young Australians. In the waiting room of a baby health centre the mothers and their children wait for expert advice about common complaints. Inside the consultation room a young mother asks for advice from the nursing sister about her son Albert. The male voice-over says, ‘Let’s listen in on this conversation. We might get some good advice’.

Albert has stopped drinking his milk and the nurse advises to mix a little Vegemite with his milk and spread some on his bread and butter. Back at home in his highchair, Albert’s appetite has returned and he happily drinks his Vegemite-flavoured milk. The voice-over announces ‘that sister was right’.

Vegemite is then shown to be a tasty product that ‘costs less’ and can be enjoyed by the whole family.

Summary by Poppy De Souza