The Trouble We All Have With Album Covers

The Trouble We All Have With Album Covers
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In this editorial about the trouble with album covers, Lillian Roxon is clearly addressing her audience as one rock fan to another (‘You can say it’s irrelevant, but you know and I know that it isn’t’).

She sets out her list of demands – mainly to do with giving fans as much ‘vital’ information as possible (remember this is pre-internet) about a band or artist.

She uses wry humour in her diatribe, saying that if record people think it insults their listeners to spoon-feed them with too much information, then ‘you can insult me any time’.

This is an episode of the radio show Discotique – a two-minute ‘daily newscast from the world of music’ produced in 1971 and syndicated on 250 radio stations in the United States.

The cover image of this title is a photograph of Roxon taken in 1965, courtesy of the family of Lillian Roxon and the book Mother of Rock: The Lillian Roxon Story by Robert Milliken (Black Inc 2002).

Notes by Beth Taylor