Snap Goes the Crunchie

Snap Goes the Crunchie
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The Crunchie wrapper in this ad shows it to be a Fry’s product and has no reference to 'Cadbury’s Dairy Milk’ at all. As with earlier campaigns, youth and vibrancy are a key part of the message.

This black-and-white television advertisement for Crunchie is set on a sunny day with a group of young friends playing at the beach. As the Crunchie jingle plays, they eat and 'snap’ their Crunchie bars. The male voice-over describes the bright orange wrapper and the ad ends with the youths walking along the beach, laughing and eating their Crunchie bars. Summary by Poppy De Souza.

This advertisement features young people having fun at the beach with the setting evoking a carefree summer’s day. 'Wow’ and 'now’ flash up on screen, suggesting Crunchie is an exciting, contemporary product in tune with the young. The happy, smiling faces are supported by the rosy theme song, which is partly built around the melody of 'Pop goes the weasel’.

The fact that the Crunchie bar sells for ten cents suggests this advertisement dates from 1966 or later, after the introduction of decimal currency in Australia on 14 February 1966.

Notes by Poppy De Souza