Skippy moneybox advertisement

Skippy moneybox advertisement
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The success of Skippy meant that other companies quickly saw an opportunity to promote products and services to the same audience.

This advertisement from the Commercial Banking Company (CBC Bank) is an excellent example. As an incentive to opening a 'Skippy savings account' with CBC, they tempt children with the promise of a 'fur-covered Skippy (and joey) moneybox'.

Interestingly, the animated Skippy that talks to children in this advertisement is a mother kangaroo with a joey. While the TV Skippy had a pouch and was female, Skippy never produced a joey on the series. Nonetheless, the link to the TV show is effectively maintained throughout by having the familiar Skippy theme song playing in the background.

CBC Bank was established in 1834 and based in Sydney. In 1982 it merged with the National Bank of Australasia to form the National Australia Bank (NAB).

Notes by Stephen Groenewegen and Adam Blackshaw