The Skippy Club: Advertisement

The Skippy Club: Advertisement
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In this advertisement for the Skippy Club, Head Ranger, Matt Hammond (Ed Devereaux), stands in front of the fictitious 'Ranger Headquarters. Waratah National Park'. At its peak, the Skippy Club boasted nearly 70,000 members with children enjoying benefits outside of the program itself. Fauna Productions were quick to capitalise on the success of Skippy with a range of merchandise.

Skippy is still being broadcast and the box set of all three seasons can still be purchased. It is remarkable that the show has endured for over 50 years, partly due to the fact that it was filmed in colour, even before television itself was broadcast in colour. As a colour production, it doesn't seem as dated as other shows filmed around the same time.

Advertisements such as this were cheaply and quickly filmed. It's a simple 30 second, one camera shot with Ed Devereaux, in character, speaking directly to the audience. The only allowance for post production is one cut away to a close up of the Skippy badge. It achieves its intentions and Devereaux fatherly demeanour would make any child want to immediately join the club.