Sellex Crockery: Red Riding Hood (c1930)

Sellex Crockery: Red Riding Hood (c1930)
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This early cinema ad appeals to the ‘pester power’ of children by using an animated cartoon to promote Sellex products.

In this partly animated advertisement for a Sellex tea set, some of the characters that decorate the crockery appear in the story Red Riding Hood.

This clip begins with an animated cartoon of Pam Possum taking a shortcut through the forest to see Granny Platypus, despite the warning from her animal friends about the dangerous Willy Wildcat. Pam reaches Granny’s house only to find Willy Wildcat there in her place. Pam Possum blows a whistle and the other animals come running to her rescue. Willy Wildcat’s plan is foiled.

A male narrator then promotes the Sellex tea set decorated with characters from the cartoon. A live action shot of the tea set is followed by other kitchen products from the Sellex range.

Summary by Poppy De Souza