Rinso Washing Powder: A Bachelor Grey (c1943)

Rinso Washing Powder: A Bachelor Grey (c1943)
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Narrating the life of bachelor Henry, this cartoon-style advertisement for Rinso washing powder shows how this miraculous laundry product can turn anyone’s life around!

Henry is a bachelor who lives alone in a small apartment. He has a ‘lady help’ who does his cooking and cleaning but will not wash his clothes. Henry is a ‘natty dresser’. But because he can’t get the laundry to call around anymore, he is forced to do the washing himself. However, rubbing and scrubbing wears out his clothes, towels, shirts and linen until finally his temper wears out too! Henry’s outburst prompts his ‘lady help’ to bring him home a packet of Rinso washing powder and show him how to get things clean, possible ‘even if you haven’t got a laundry in your flat’.

The narrator says ‘it’s marvellous what you can get from a packet of Rinso’ – Henry’s lady help finally gets him as a husband and they continue on to have many children. All the while the wife, who now takes on the extra washing, never complains because of Rinso.

Summary by Poppy De Souza