Nestle’s MILO: Family Album (1948)

Nestle’s MILO: Family Album (1948)
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John and his family are introduced through a real life family album. As the pages are turned, the voice-over tells the story of their lives. The first picture is of John as a young boy, followed by a picture of John and his wife on their wedding day. Their four children – Barbara, Peter, Janet and Ian – are shown and each describes what they do. The youngest, Ian, says he loves ‘football, cricket and MILO’. This reveals them as a ‘real MILO family’. They are shown in their living room drinking cups of MILO which they drink regularly and before bedtime every night.

A product shot is accompanied by voice-over listing MILO’s properties as a ‘fortified tonic food’ infused with vitamins and minerals, along with its chocolate flavoured blend of country milk and malted cereals. 

Summary by Poppy de Souza.