Milk Tray: Happiness for two

Milk Tray: Happiness for two
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This clip is one of three short advertisements with the jingle 'happiness for two’. It is performed in a bare studio with a woman standing alone, centre stage, as a male voice-over says 'for the girl who’s got that all-by-herself lonely feeling’. A group of dancers spill into frame as a bubbly song describes Milk Tray’s 'happy centres’. By the end, the woman has a pile of boxes and a man by her side. Summary by Poppy De Souza.

These advertisements are probably from the 1960s. This advertisement resembles a musical talent show or film clip in style, with its pop soundtrack and exuberant dancing. The 'happiness for two’ catchphrase and melody line also appears at the end of two other ads. The bright and chirpy world the Cadbury song creates in each ad is conjured through both the melody and the lyrics. The lines 'happiness for two’ and 'get together with Milk Tray’ directly align the chocolate product with romantic couplings and each ad features at least one man and woman paired off together. 

Notes by Poppy De Souza