Life In Australia: Cairns

Life In Australia: Cairns
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Life in Cairns is 'sort of relaxed', says the narrator.

'Cairns is a small city by world standards, 25,000 people. People who lke to take life at an easy pace, enjoying the sun and the topical climate, and living in homes built to be cool in the heat of the day.'

A look at life in Cairns, where people 'wear light summer clothes all year long'. And although Cairns is mentioned as a holiday destination for people from Australia's southern states, the film never mentions the fact that this city is the gateway to the Great Barrier Reef!

Part of the Life In Australia series, made for the Department of Immigration, to entice immigrants from Europe. There’s no denying that these films were a marketing tool; Australia (and its cities and rural centres) was the product, and as such, it was presented as an idyllic destination where everyone led prosperous, happy lives. The scripts for each film are almost identical, covering employment and industry, education, sport, health care, shopping, religion, night-life, and art. Australia had everything anyone could wish for!

Eric Thompson
Bruce Hillyard