Kylie walks the red carpet at Cannes

Kylie walks the red carpet at Cannes
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In 2012, Kylie made a return to the silver screen in the French fantasy drama Holy Motors (2012), directed by Leos Carax.  

In this Nine News report, Kylie is seen walking the red carpet at the Cannes Film Festival in a dazzling and figure-hugging, sequinned gold dress, along with Carax and other cast members. 

The film premiered at Cannes on 23 May 2012, where it met with critical acclaim and competed for the prestigious Palme d’Or. 

We also see part of the movie trailer in the news story, which reporter Richard Wilkins uses as a vehicle to help describe the unusual and surrealist nature of the film. 

The clip doesn’t really give a sense of the film and Wilkins talking over the top doesn’t help. Wilkins' description of a character as a ‘bearded goblin’ that eats Eva Mendes’ character’s hair perhaps best hints at the film's strangeness.

Notes by Mel Bondfield