Henry Talbot 'Bunny' Hammond: Flying School

Henry Talbot 'Bunny' Hammond: Flying School
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At Mascot in 1928, Henry Talbot 'Bunny' Hammond held the position of senior manager and chief flying instructor of the NSW Aero Club where he worked alongside fellow aviators Frank Follett, George Littlejohn and Bill Leggett. According to news reports of the time Hammond claimed that anyone could learn to fly in just five weeks.

This home movie footage of Hammond’s features maintenance of the Aero Club's planes, as well as painting and repairs. Planes seen are the G-AUDX Bristol Tourer, G-AUFT de Havilland DH.60 Moth and G-AUBG Avro 504K.

By 1930 Hammond joined forces with Captain Frank Follett, a fellow First World War veteran, to launch a new flying school named Adastra Airways Pty Ltd. In addition to offering flying lessons, Adastra operated Australia’s first air-taxi service (a regular flight between Sydney and Bega) and specialised in aerial photographic survey activities, mapping the nation’s post-war development.

Hammond's nickname 'Bunny' originated in the First World War because of his efforts to burrow his way out of captivity whilst a prisoner of war.