General Motors Holden: Saturday Kind of Car

General Motors Holden: Saturday Kind of Car
General Motors Holden
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The 1960s Holden ads used catchy jingles and upbeat music, promoting the car as an object of desire.

In this clip, a paperboy delivers the Saturday newspaper in a suburban street. A man in his pyjamas waves to his wife as she leaves to do the weekly grocery shopping, taking her daughter and the family dog with her in the Holden station sedan. Later, the man drives three children to football training and visits the hardware store. The family pack up the car for a picnic and drive, with boat in tow, down to the river. This ad uses a male voice-over and a jingle.

This advertisement employs a catchy jingle with upbeat music and lyrics that promote the car as a desirable product. This is in marked contrast to the sombre explanatory television advertisements of the 1950s (see General Motors Holden – Proved Dependability, c1956, and General Motors Holden – FE Holden: The Average Man, 1956).

The weekend activities in this clip are divided along gender lines, indicative of prevailing social values at the time – the wife and daughter go shopping and the father takes the sons to sport and then goes to the hardware store. The whole family come together at the end for a picnic. The family dog seems to travel almost everywhere with them, and the clear message of the ad is that Holden is ideal for transporting everyone.