General Motors Holden: Range of Products

General Motors Holden: Range of Products
General Motors Holden
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In a 1950s suburban street, a woman driving a Holden pulls up to do her Saturday morning shopping. Other GMH cars, including a Vauxhall, Chevrolet and Pontiac, are shown. The woman enters a showroom to look at GMH household and cooking appliances. We see a GMH car dealer and an aerial shot of the factory in Dandenong that produces parts for NASCO (the National Automotive Service Company).

The next section features the work of another GMH subsidiary, IDEC (the Industrial and Domestic Equipment Company). Footage of a train, a quarry works, an oil rig, a timber mill and a fishing trawler accompany the narration which describes the role of GMH in providing the mechanical power 'so vital to the development of the nation’. The ad concludes with a montage of a fridge, a car on the road and a truck.

This advertisement positions the GMH brand within the Australian landscape, broadening out from Holden cars. The ad proclaims that 16,000 Australians were selling and servicing GMH products with a further 54,000 Australians helping to produce and distribute them. This clip successfully emphasises GMH’s contribution to supporting the Australian workforce and building a strong national industry. The narrator’s repetition of the word 'Australia’ ('in the homes of Australia, out on the roads of Australia, in the factories of Australia’) is one technique the advertisers use to appeal to the viewer’s sense of patriotism and national pride in all the company is doing for the country. The ad’s scope ranges from the domestic sphere of refrigerators and stoves to the inside of factories, linking GMH with national development projects. GMH consequently carves out a more encompassing section of the Australian market in an assured and deliberate way.