CE Miller & Co. Removals: Know Your Melbourne (1946)

CE Miller & Co. Removals: Know Your Melbourne (1946)
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This is a full 1940s colour cinema advertisement for CE Miller & Co., a removalist and storage company based in Melbourne.

Titled Know Your Melbourne, the opening sequences of the ad could easily be mistaken for a tourism commercial.

The ad features shots of the Yarra River, Scotts Hotel, the Melbourne Chamber of Commerce, Government House in Jolimont, the Botanical Gardens, the Old Treasury building, the State Library, Parliament House, the Melbourne Cricket Ground and Flinders Street Station. It also provides some of the vital statistics about Melbourne's older civic buildings and streets around the inner city.

It then shifts focus to the suburbs of Melbourne with sweeping views of houses and men lifting furniture into a van. The narrator talks about Melburnians as people who love their homes and like to stay settled, before leading up to a strong recommendation to use the services of CE Miller & Co. when you move into a new house.