Bert Hinkler arrives in Brisbane

Bert Hinkler arrives in Brisbane
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Bundaberg-born Herbert John Louis Hinkler (1892–1933), better known as Bert Hinkler, piloted the very first solo flight between England and Australia in just over 15 days using Avro Avian G-EBOV. His daring feat won him great fame across Australia and he was dubbed 'Hustling Hinkler', a nickname later immortalised in a popular song.

This film covers his arrival at Eagle Farm, Brisbane at the beginning of Hinkler’s tour of triumph where he is welcomed by the Governor and rushing crowds. A procession down Queen Street (Brisbane) follows where huge crowds cheer and wave handkerchiefs in celebration. Hinkler is escorted in an Armstrong Siddeley with his folded plane following closely behind.

While attempting another solo flight from England in 1933, Hinkler died tragically after he crashed into Mount Pratomagno in the Italian Alps.

The Avro 581 Avian G-EBOV is on display at the Queensland Museum, Brisbane.