Beauty in the Balance

A glass slide advertisement for the film 'Beauty in the Balance'. It shows a before and after image of a woman in a Berlei foundation garment. Text reads: 'Free! For Women only!'.
Beauty in the Balance
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This glass slide is an advertisement for Berlei's free film Beauty in the Balance at the Savoy Theatre in Maitland, presented by Galton's department store. The women's-only film toured around NSW in the late 1930s. According to the Wingham Chronicle in 1939 the film, and a live show that only took place in Sydney, showed how women can be 'made over by simple diet, exercises, correct corsetry, proper posture, individual make-up and inexpensive frocks chosen to type'. The show included glass slides and a commentary.

Both the film and the live show featured everyday women who had followed a 'short course of beautification' prescribed by Berlei. The Chronicle described 'Huge photographs - taken before they commenced - will be shown in in comparison with these women as they are today - both in corsets and street clothes'.