David Hirschfelder on Strictly Ballroom

David Hirschfelder on Strictly Ballroom
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Composer David Hirschfelder talks about his work on the film Strictly Ballroom (1992), noting it was one of the most enjoyable professional experiences of his career. 

Hirschfelder provides valuable insight into the limitations of the film’s budget, noting that because the film’s producers couldn’t afford the clearance fees for certain pre-existing pieces of music he had to compose original material in a similar style.

He also tells of his lack of prior experience in the world of ballroom dancing and how as a composer he had to surrender to the world of the film, adapting and changing his colours, palette and style to suit the film.  

As well as composing numerous scores for Australian films and TV, David has twice been nominated for Best Original Score at the Oscars (for Shine, 1996 and Elizabeth, 1998). Strictly Ballroom was his first film composing credit.