Tandaco Prepared Stuffing: Don't Cry Dear Lady (1942)

Tandaco Prepared Stuffing: Don't Cry Dear Lady (1942)
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This is a complete colour Tandaco Prepared Stuffing cinema advertisement from approximately 1942. It begins like a feature film with a title and melodramatic music and cuts to a woman crying as she peels onions for her roast chicken stuffing.

Having trouble finding the herbs in her kitchen, she imagines the consequences of serving the roast chicken without stuffing. She sees her husband and his boss look at her with disgust. The voice-over concurs that ‘you can’t have that happen’ and a packet of Tandaco Prepared Stuffing appears in her hand. She adds boiling water, mixes it and stuffs the chicken.

Later that night, her husband’s boss compliments her cooking saying that ‘you can’t beat this homemade stuffing’. The ad suggests various meals where you can use Tandaco Prepared Stuffing including cutlets, stuffed baked rabbit, leg of mutton and stuffed tomatoes. The advertisement ends with a packet shot of Tandaco Prepared Stuffing.

Summary by Elizabeth Taggart-Speers