Mad Max 2: 'The Man's Film that Women Love'

Mad Max 2: 'The Man's Film that Women Love'
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Celebrated actor Jacki Weaver markets Mad Max 2 to female audiences in this short TV clip from 1981 promoting the film's Australian release.

'I don't like films that terrify me', starts Weaver before describing the film as a fantasy and comparing it to Star Wars (1977) and Raiders of the Lost Ark (1981), two contemporary blockbusters with wide audience appeal but arguably less cinematic mayhem and violence than Mad Max 2

She highlights the excitement of being part of an audience watching the film and comments on its star: 'And as for Mad Max, Mel Gibson, he's lovely'.

It's another sign that, with this clip, the filmmakers are trying to broaden the film's appeal from its core demographic of young males.

The closing voiceover – 'Mad Max 2: the man's film that women love' – is hilarious.